SXM Nature Reserve: notice to all captains/skippers


As part of the ReCorEA Saint-Martin project, the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve Management Association (AGRNSM) wishes to know the needs, uses and problems encountered by visitors to sites classified as National Nature Reserves.

By visitors, the AGRNSM team means all captains and skippers, commercial or recreational, even occasional. The ReCorEA Saint-Martin project concerns the mitigation of anthropogenic pressures suffered by coral reefs and associated ecosystems, with the financial support of the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB), AGRNSM, Atout France and the Véolia Foundation. This questionnaire entitled “Anchorage and nautical use in the Saint-Martin National Nature Reserve”, available in French and English, focuses on the protected area of ​​the Saint-Martin National Nature Reserve (RNNSM), and particularly on the uses nautical and mooring parks (ZMEL) with a view to their improvement by 2024/2025. The form to fill out (see information) is anonymous in order to guarantee the accuracy of your responses and your freedom of expression. The AFRNSM invites the population to disseminate it widely if you know people navigating within the nature reserve. Participants are also invited to familiarize themselves with the map representing the protected area of ​​the RNNSM which is found in the introduction to the form before answering the questions online.

Allow between 10 and 15 minutes to complete the operation… _VX

Info and shortened form link:

+590 690 507 167


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