Festive meal: The oysters arrived just in time for Christmas Eve at Super U


The Super U supermarket at Howell Center was finally able to offer oysters and fresh produce to its customers on the day of New Years Eve. 

It took very little so that there was no oyster this year for Christmas Eve on 31 ... The reason? A supply problem. The management was warned Friday morning by the airline KLM that it would not deliver its products to him in the evening as planned but on Sunday evening. So too late. "We had anticipated and ordered all our merchandise so that it would be delivered to us on Friday evening so that we could put it on the shelves on Saturday morning," says management.

According to the information provided, the company favored its customers from the island of Curacao. There were delays in supply and she wanted to make up for it.

Fortunately, the oyster boxes were put on the shelves late Sunday afternoon and offered to customers with a 50% reduction. What make happy gourmets of New Year's Eve happy!

(Source: www.soualigapost.com and _AF)

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