Reopening of schools and shops in Saint-Martin: Residents of the Dutch side will not be allowed to cross the border


The prefect, Sylvie Feucher declared it firmly last week during a press conference: she will not issue an authorization to cross the border to parents residing on the Dutch side and whose children are educated in the French part.

This was confirmed to us again this morning: if schools reopen on May 11, only children from the French side can be accommodated. Children domiciled in part Dutch will continue to follow the school at a distance.

Parents who benefit from a pass today will not be able to take their children to school in the French part either because the pass is personal and only valid for its holder and not for passengers in the vehicle .

The same applies to people working on the French side and living on the Dutch side: no authorization will be issued.

The prefect does not want to give a pass as long as there are many active cases, partly Dutch (


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