Should Ramona Connor be resigned from the territorial council?


Resigned on April 11 by the Council of State, Alain Richardson had to leave the territorial council of Saint-Martin the same day. This same decision also indicated that there was "reason to proclaim elected territorial councilor Mrs. C… B… *, registered on the list led by Mr. D… immediately after the last elected member of this list". In other words Ramona Connor was proclaimed elected to succeed the leader of In March for Progress (MVP).

However, since then, six plenary sessions of the territorial council have been held and Ramona Connor has not attended any. The excuse made during the first two and reported by the President of the COM was that Ramona Connor was waiting to receive an official notification.

However, according to article 6321-4 of the organic law, Ramona Connor should also be resigned: "The territorial councilor absent from four consecutive meetings of the territorial council within a period of less than four months without a legitimate excuse admitted by the council is declared automatically resigned by this one during the following meeting ”, it is written.

This means that during the next territorial council, it should make her resign.

* Even if the decision is made public, names are never mentioned on judgments released to the public.

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