Recurring problems at Elie Gibs school: teachers and parents are fed up


Teachers and parents deplore layout problems at the Elie Gibs school: a flooded courtyard, risk of falls on the emergency staircase used for two years, toilets inaccessible in rainy weather, lack of resources human and material, the list is long! 

Bad times at Elie Gibs school. When it rains, it's always the same scenario in this elementary school in Grand-Case: the water doesn't drain, a puddle stagnates in the courtyard, spreads, and recess takes place with one's feet in the water. water for CM1 and CM2 classes. Without forgetting the falls on the stairs which are to be feared with the tiles making them slippery. Brief,  teachers and parents are fed up!

Several signs were installed on the school gates pointing out all the problems encountered by teachers and students. And the list is long. So we can read: “Stop, enough is enough, Elie Gibs in danger, cracks, floods, water infiltration, excessive heat, lack of human and material resources, closure of a class, unfavorable opinion from the safety commission (welcome and unsecured activities).

Whether among teachers or parents, everyone is demanding that work be carried out as quickly as possible within the establishment. They are demanding buildings that meet standards, equipped and secure courses, more human resources, more materials to help students, the completion of the work requested for three years (ventilators, shutters, bay windows, roofs, etc.).

The ball is now in the Community’s court! _AF

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