ECONOMY: Start of the inventory of the territory's economic activities and facilities by the company URBIS


The Community of Saint-Martin commissioned the company URBIS SAS to carry out a complete inventory of economic activities and facilities present in the area and to adapt its economic development strategy to the needs of businesses.

The URBIS company begins its mission by meeting local businesses for several weeks, starting April 17, 2024. The Community Attractiveness Economy Employment delegation, under the aegis of First Vice-President Alain Richardson, is leading a mission census of economic activities in the French part of Saint-Martin. Through this inventory, the Attractiveness, Economy, Employment of the Community delegation wishes to acquire a detailed and precise knowledge of the economic actors and more generally of all the entities participating in territorial dynamism. The objective is to understand the environment and the difficulties that actors encounter for the development of their activities and respond to the needs of economic actors in terms of equipment.

The Saint-Martin Community commissioned the company URBIS SAS to carry out this inventory on the ground. In this context, investigators from the company will come for several weeks to meet local businesses with the aim of collecting information on their activities based on a questionnaire.

URBIS investigators will be required to have an identification badge and a letter of accreditation from the Community.

The COM invites companies to give a warm welcome to the company URBIS SAS.

For further details: Please contact the Attractiveness, Economy, Employment Delegation.

Switchboard: 0590 87 50 04 / By email:

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