POLITICS: Louis Mussington sends his wishes to the Forces Vives


This Monday, January 16 at the start of the evening, the president of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin had invited a good number of guests, including officials and the press, to present his wishes for 2023 at the educational restaurant of the Daniella Jeffry vocational high school in Concordia.

The atmosphere was solemn and the speech rich in information. The crowd gathered slowly in the dining room of the vocational high school Daniella Jeffry, which was served by the students of the establishment. After having greeted the guests, elected representatives of the Collectivity and the government of Sint Maarten, officials of the prefecture, representatives of associations and public and private bodies, Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin in office for more than nine months now, took his place on the podium to begin the traditional speech of wishes. Following a customary introduction welcoming the presence of the guests, Louis Mussington declared: “Today, our wish is to look to the future and in doing so, we take into account our strengths. 2023 will necessarily be a better year, the end of the health crisis seems to be looming. But I call, however, everyone to remain vigilant and to take the usual precautions and maintain barrier gestures when necessary. The politician wanted in this speech to draw a non-exhaustive assessment of the first months of his mandate, some of the main objectives of which are the training and education of young people from Saint-Martin, the accompaniment of project leaders for the creation of companies, actions to improve the living environment throughout the territory, the development of action in favor of biodiversity without forgetting the consolidation of links between members of the community: "I think that the bet that we had taken was successful".

Keeping his campaign slogan as the driving force "Youth is the basis and the future of our society", Louis Mussington listed the actions carried out since taking office such as the inauguration of the Local Mission, Mobility Assistance student and the doubled annual scholarship, the launch of the educational city, events such as Successful Departure, the Training Forum, Moho Camp or the first Student Orientation and Mobility Fair which met with a frank hit. On the cultural side, the president's pride was palpable when he returned to the adoption of the Unity Flag as a cultural symbol on both sides of the island.

Many cultural events were also mentioned, as well as the social arrangements put in place. The list is too long to mention them all and the president of the Collectivity does not intend to stop there: “Our social commitment is a strong marker of our policy. Our objectives for 2023 remain centered on the development of our territory: Saint-Martinois retaining a central place. In this sense, we will continue all the efforts made in 2022.  Our proximity to our fellow citizens is a strength and we will maintain it. “Training, innovation, setting an example for the Community to make it a place of fulfilment, improving the quality of life of the population, these are the missions that await Louis Mussington for this new year 2023. After his speech, the president of the Collectivity and the guests toasted, as tradition dictates. _Vx

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