BOATING: Metimer hands over a check for 1 euros to the SNSM


The Metimer association presented its partners on Wednesday with the tenth edition of the festival of the sea which took place at the beginning of June in Grand Case. "We have broken records!" Announced its members. More than 8 tickets were sold this year, almost 800 more than in 2.

The operators who participated welcomed some 2 people on their ship or boat. The Sea World Explorer (glass bottom boat) and Arawak (racing catamaran) had the most passengers as in previous years.

Metimer wanted to thank all the operators and "in particular Dream Yacht Charter which made it possible to close the budget". 

Finally, Metimer wanted to donate part of the revenue generated from the sale of tickets to SNSM, the national company for sea rescue. A check for 1 euros was thus given to President René-Jean Duret. (source:

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