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Ironman 70.3 from Puerto Rico

Twelve athletes including three women from the “SXM Tri Académie” Association were present at the Ironman 70.3 in Puerto Rico. The festivities program for the 1 participants: 300 km of swimming, 1,9 km of cycling and 90 km of running. Hard hard !

While some athletes from the “SXM Tri Académie” team have already experienced this kind of exercise, for others it was their first participation in a long distance race. The best of them will have taken 5 hours and 15 minutes to complete the three events. Return on this event like no other.

“The start is given by age group wave at 7 am in front of a crowd of spectators posted on the bridge to benefit from a breathtaking view of the swimming course. We left for 1,9 km in the protected waters of Condado Lagoon. At the exit of the water, at the other end of the lagoon, the athletes must run approximately 1 km to reach the bicycle park located on the stadium very close to the Caribe Hilton.

Then begins 90 km of cycling on the northern part of the island, along the ocean, with a difficult wind, often unfavorable, which is there to remind the riders that they will have to burn their muscles to advance.

With the bike barely put down, the athletes follow the running. The final test, but how selective. The route winds through the old town of San Juan, revealing picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean and Spanish architecture. But, the stifling heat which escapes from the old stones and the two ribs which punctuate the course often push most athletes to the end of their strength.

This difficult race has kept all its promises again this year. And the SXM TRI ACADEMIE Club made us dream until the end.

All finished the race, often very well placed in each of their respective classification.

Note in particular the 1st place of Stéphane Bensaid in the 55-59 years category with a time of 5h 02 '. And 2nd place for Anne-Christine Calvel in women, also in the 55-59 years category.

These two athletes thus obtain their qualification for the world championship in Australia.

Also to note the best time of the team achieved by Grégory Pigeon in 4h58 which finished 7th in the 30-34 years category.  _AF

Congratulations to the athletes “SXM Tri Académie” present at the Ironman 70.3 in Puerto-Rico:

In women:

Anne-Christine Calvel


Caroline Delplanque

At men's : 

Stephane Bensaid

Fred besnard

Frederic Executioner

Francois Delaporte

Nicolas Doublecourt

Erwan Nice

Luke Gorostiza

Philippe Guerard

Greg pigeon

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