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Sometimes, events push us towards a dose of introspection conducive to creativity. It can happen the day after a hurricane, by the lack of those we cannot see (COVID obliges) or even by diving into old memories necessarily embellished with the effects of our necessarily selective memory.

For Laurent, when the evening came, that meant a lot of writing and composing, almost two years of recording at Studio Music Amin with Amin of course, but also Delphine "Toutecourte" (that everyone knows) to whom he entrusted the interpretation of two songs, or of Jibé Lugger and Nico Brunel (there are others) respectively on guitar and harmonica.

At the end of 2019, thanks to a meeting on the heights of Almond Grove with Pierre De Lasalle, an outstanding Quebec musician but above all a producer with heightened sensitivity, the project of releasing an album seemed obvious. For Laurent, it was necessary to comply with the requirements of the exercise which turned out to be sometimes tedious but always fascinating.

After 3 concerts with Les Confinés (2 at La Chapelle, one at Yellow Sub) where a few Laurent songs were in the Set List, the album is now in stores or more precisely on the main online listening sites (see links at end of article). Go ahead, between Blues, Rumba and Ballad, you will find one or two songs that speak to you.

When we ask Laurent why he chose FLOODED as the title of the album, he replies that this song dedicated to the last moments before IRMA and magnificently interpreted by Delphine "Toutecourte" also illustrates the memory of the moments shared in the studio, of searching for good rhyme, of those "there we hold it" etc. where he felt "inundated" by all this friendship and this creativity brought by those who accompanied him.

Finally, Laurent salutes his “brothers” Amin in Saint-Martin and Pierre in Montreal, without whom this project would never have seen the light of day.







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