HOUSING: All mobilized against substandard housing


The Community of Saint-Martin, the State and all territorially competent and active actors in the field of social, housing and habitat collaborate in the service of the agreement relating to the Territorial Pole for the Fight against Unworthy Housing (PTLHI ).

With a view to combating substandard housing, synonymous with social precariousness, widespread poverty and systemic risks in terms of public health, the Community of Saint-Martin, with the support of the State and all stakeholders concerned, requested the establishment of a Territorial Center for the Fight against Substandard Housing (PTLHI). This Pole was created as a partnership structure by prefectural decree dated June 28, 2023 and has 13 members: the COM, the prefecture, the prosecutor of the Republic of Basse-Terre, the Department of Environment, Planning and Housing of Guadeloupe (DEAL), the Directorate of Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity of Guadeloupe (DEETS), the Regional Health Agency of Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands (ARS), the family allowance fund (CAF), the general social security fund of Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin (CGSS), the mixed economy company of Saint-Martin (SEMSAMAR), the real estate company of Guadeloupe (SIG), Sikoa , HLM company subsidiary of the Action Logement Group, the National Gendarmerie and the Territorial Police. This body will have the role of coordinating the actions of all stakeholders involved in reports of unworthy and/or unsanitary housing, a competence shared between the services of the COM and the State (in particular, competent in matters of health of people). The Center will aim to implement, lead and evaluate the territorial policy to combat substandard housing in Saint-Martin, in conjunction with the Local Housing Program (PLH), currently being developed. , then with the future Territorial Action Plan for Housing and Accommodation of People Ddisadvantaged (PTALHPD). The work of the PTLHI technical committee will be carried out, not only in connection with the development of the PLH and the PTALHPD but also in collaboration and consistency with the support mission of the ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renovation). ). The Executive Council of November 9, 2023 decided to approve the agreement relating to the Territorial Center for the Fight against Substandard Housing between the Community of Saint-Martin, the State and all the local stakeholders concerned. _VX

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