Parents of Elie Gibs School Students Want to Be Heard with Ministers! 


About sixty people were present at the meeting last Friday concerning the chaotic situation at the Elie Gibs primary school, which hosts the nursery school, Ghislaine Rogers, still closed since the passage of Irma.

“Only the director of the CTOS who takes care of the extracurricular activities and the canteen had the courage to move. The absent in high places did not even deny responding to the invitation or being represented, it is a shame, "said a delegate of the parents of students.

The Director of CTOS is powerless, to put it simply: no extracurricular (lack of space) or canteen for the moment until the work has been done to secure the premises and welcome children in acceptable conditions. He has issued the possibility of rehabilitating the nursery canteen, maybe next month, but three problems arise:

• the capacity,

• furniture that will not be suitable for primary school this time,

• the transition from primary to kindergarten.

So many frustrations of the parents of the students and the teaching staff at the end of this meeting because no answer as for the future of the Elie Gibs primary schools and Ghislaine Rogers nursery school for the 2018/2019 school year were brought by the responsible authorities.

An event planned for the community!

This Monday, March 5, Elie Gibs Elementary School will be blocked at the entrance and a banner will invite all those who wish to join the demonstration. The meeting is scheduled at 7 am in front of the community to demonstrate, hoping that the movement will arouse the interest of all concerned.

Daniel Gibbs' response to the open letter:

"I acknowledge receipt of your open letter to which I will respond point by point. I know that the post Irma situation is particularly difficult for the schools in Grand Case, for the young pupils, their parents and the teaching staff. I am the first concerned. As you know, our schools were badly damaged by the hurricane and their rehabilitation is directly linked to the means that the State will grant to Saint-Martin for reconstruction. We will be fixed on these means by the end of March. It is a long process to which we too are subjected.

Rest assured that this is a priority concern for the Community and we are doing everything to respond to it as best as possible of the situation and the resources allocated.

I am working on this file to find solutions with my Vice-President in charge of Education, Annick Pétrus. We will get back to you as soon as possible ”. _AF


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