“Les mal mots d’amour”: a play that deeply touched the many audiences present


The evening which was organized last Wednesday at the Emile Choisy school as part of the international day against violence against women deeply stirred the public on this very disturbing theme, with a play followed by a lively debate by Fred Galva, psychologist.

This event organized by the prefecture and the National Education service of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin was an extraordinary success and the public oscillated between laughter and tears, and did not emerge unscathed.

The actors, although amateurs, were remarkably accurate and authentic, inhabited by their characters to convey a poignant message: Break the silence by engaging each at their own level.

Congratulations to all the actors, partners, organizers, the public and a special mention to André Botino, director of the Emile Choisy school, and above all, Evelyne Fleming.

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