Sport, a school of life!


As part of the practice of EPS at school, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin has made available to schools, eight workers in EPS. These workers provide their skills in a complementary way to the teachers and they also reinforce learning. Their action is part of the class projects.

This system, accompanied by the constituency of the Northern Islands, will reinforce the learning of PSE in the schools of Saint-Martin.

The Northern Islands constituency offered EPS Anim 'Athlé training to the eight speakers. Anim 'Athlé is a new fun and collective concept proposed by the French Athletics Federation with the partnership of USEP. This concept aims to develop the practice of athletics among the youngest in primary school.

It is not necessary to have specific facilities to practice Anim'Athlé. This can take place in a playground.

Anim'Athlé aims in children:

- The development of motor skills and physical capacities;

- The setting up of situations in which physical effort is practiced with pleasure;

- Improving health potential in the short, medium and long term.

This training was very appreciated by the speakers who are motivated and committed. They are ready to help teachers set up athletic activities for the well-being of our students.

We salute the courage and the merit of these educators, coaches and leaders who act with passion for our youth.

Sport is the school of life! _AF


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