President Aline Hanson's message of support to the Haitian people


“Haiti was very badly affected by Hurricane Matthew. Authorities are now reporting 820 dead, a toll that could worsen.

I deeply regret all these lost lives and send my deep condolences to the families of the victims and to the Haitian people who face this terrible ordeal with the greatest dignity. The Caribbean reacted immediately to help, a humanitarian bridge was spontaneously set up in the region, and I know that the solidarity of Saint-Martinois is already part of this dynamic.

Having experienced an almost similar situation with cyclone Louis in 1995, we know the pain felt by our Haitian friends. The basic necessities are urgently awaited, 350 people are affected, many children need clothes, this is why I invite our compatriots to get closer to service clubs and associations that organize humanitarian aid from Saint -Martin to give everything you can quickly convey on site. The community will make its contribution next week.

On behalf of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin, I convey my comfort to the Haitian people, as well as to the government of Port au Prince so that they can act quickly in favor of the victims, with the support of international aid. "


President of the territorial council of Saint-Martin

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