The "I Love My Island Dog" association is launching a major sterilization campaign: target 100 operations!


Faced with the large number of abandoned or stray dogs in the streets of Saint-Martin, "I Love My Island Dog" decided to act by organizing a major sterilization campaign, the association offering the entire cost of the operation. as well as the installation of an electronic chip.

Unfortunately, no one has missed it (especially for animal lovers), too many abandoned or stray dogs hang out in the streets of Saint-Martin. Residents who leave the island without their “doggie” (s) and cat (s)? Lack of means to properly care for animals?

"Since the passage of Cyclone Irma, we have been living through a very difficult period during which the animals toast first", underlines the head of the "I Love My Island Dog" association, before adding "we have therefore decided to react by implementing a sterilization campaign for dogs and bitches. During this campaign, the operation will be free as well as the installation of an electronic chip. Our goal is to sterilize a hundred dogs / bitches. This campaign is aimed primarily at all dog owners in serious financial difficulty ”.

If you are interested in this campaign, the members of the “I Love My Island Dog” association will be present this Saturday, October 3 from 14:30 p.m. to 16:30 p.m., in the parking lot of the Nature Animal store, rue de Hollande in Marigot.

Documents to provide:

Identity document, proof of address (water or electricity bill), and if possible a photo of the dog. Note that your animal must be in good health (no ticks or fleas) and the females must not be full. For the operation, your dog must be on an empty stomach. _AF

Info on the Facebook page: I love my island dog, by email: or on 06 90 50 34 07


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