JUSTICE: Fines for concealed work required


A Grand Case restaurateur appeared in court on Thursday, he is being sued for recourse to a person carrying out hidden work. Last year, he selected a local company to carry out renovations to his establishment and the building. However, some of the employees of the said company were not declared and / or were in an illegal situation on the territory as revealed by a control of the authorities last April.

"He did not carry out the due diligence as he should have done", explains the vice-prosecutor who requested a fine of 3 euros against the restaurateur and left the court to decide whether to match it 'a reprieve.

The manager of the construction company is prosecuted for hidden work and having employed foreign people without title. Against him, the vice-prosecutor was more severe: he requested a sentence of 6 euros, a three-month suspended prison sentence and a ban on managing a commercial activity for two years.

His father is also accused of the same facts. According to the elements of the investigation, it was he who recruited the workers and contracted with the restaurateur (who was unaware of the presence of the son in the company). The prosecution requested a fine of 6 euros, six months suspended prison sentence and a ban on running a business for two years.

The judgment was reserved for December 19.


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