National School Sport Day: 250 students from Quartier d'Orléans rose to the challenge!


One month after the Irma "monster" passed by, 250 students from the Quartier d'Orléans took part last Friday in the National School Sport Day (JNSS), organized by the association USEP Iles du Nord (a nod to the president, Jean-Luc Elice), the Tigers of Orleans, in partnership with the services of National Education and the community of Saint-Martin.

On the occasion of the visit of Mr. Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, a week after Irma, the association USEP Iles du Nord had promised to organize the JNSS 2017 in Saint-Martin when conditions permit. .

The Clair St Maximin school having reopened its doors on October 2, the team of teachers and the association USEP Iles du Nord, worked hard for the organization of the JNSS on October 6 instead of the 27 September 2017, date initially planned at the national level.

Several sports workshops (Capoeira, Zumba, Tchoukball, football, tennis, bowling, etc.) were offered for the enjoyment of the 250 students from Quartier d'Orléans, who were not spared by Irma.

The organizers thank all the teachers and the school director, Mrs. Joëlle Dorville-Petchy, the speakers Mika (Capoeira) and Romaric (Zumba), Dédé (Basket) who joined the organization with the association USEP the Tigres d'Orléans and the association USEP Iles du Nord.

We can also salute the support of the community of Saint-Martin which has made sports workers available to open schools for the happiness of all students.

“Despite Irma's scars, the smile on the students' faces during this sporting event filled my heart with happiness. The objective was achieved because we saw students cooperate and show solidarity in the various workshops. Solidarity was the value that USEP wanted to highlight with the difficult situation that we are going through at the moment ”underlines the president of the association USEP Iles du Nord, Jean-Luc Elice.

This mobilization of teachers in Saint Martin for sport and the values ​​it promotes will contribute to the school of confidence that the Minister promotes to promote the success of all students in Saint Martin.

Next year, the association USEP Iles du Nord will meet all the students of the North Islands for the "sports festival" which will take place in September 2018 according to the proposal of the Minister of Sports, Mrs. Laura Flessel. _AF

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