Young Cadets: presentation of Certificate of Achievement


The national Young Cadet Volunteers system is a mission set up by the RSMA of Guadeloupe in partnership with the Local Mission and National Education. It is aimed at students aged 16 to 17 who drop out of school for various reasons.

The aim of the scheme is to restore these young people's self-confidence through the basics of military discipline. To do this, three weeks of activities have been organized from July 10 to 27, 2023, between Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin. The young volunteers carried out a 3-day bivouac, paraded through the streets of Marigot for the National Day, discovered the Froussards trail, learned to orient themselves with a compass as part of an orienteering race or even carried out many steps. These activities enabled the trainees to go beyond their limits, tap into their resources, develop a team spirit, understand cohesion and have self-confidence. At the same time, educational platforms were presented to young people so that they could become aware of the possibilities available to them, such as the training provided by the RSMA which will perhaps create vocations. At the end of this course, behavioral changes and state of mind could be observed. To underline the efforts and the perseverance of the 13 trainees (out of 14), Colonel Nobel, Commanding Officer of the RSMA of Guadeloupe, went to Fort Louis on Thursday, July 27th. He was thus able to give the Young Cadet Volunteers their certificate of achievement, stating that this program tends to show young people that everything is possible and that they are capable of a lot if they put their will into it. That day, Warrant Officer Vincent, in charge of the “Volunteer Young Cadets” system, was proud to introduce the trainees to Colonel Nobel. Warrant Officer Vincent therefore reiterates what he has instilled in each of the volunteer trainees: “Believe in yourself, trust yourself and don't give up”. _VX

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