LOCAL ECONOMY: Census of companies operating in the audiovisual sector, make yourself known!


The Community of Saint-Martin wishes to identify companies operating in the audiovisual sector in its territory, with a view to creating a directory of audiovisual companies and having an overview of the services provided in this area. , in the territory of Saint-Martin.

The Attractiveness, Economy, Employment delegation of the Saint-Martin Community is working to create an audiovisual policy in the territory of Saint-Martin.

To do this, the institution is currently carrying out an inventory to identify what exists in the audiovisual sector. This operation consists of identifying all the sound and image technicians, production and post-production companies and service providers who may be called upon during a shoot (make-up artists, costume designers, set editors, etc. .).

The objective is to be able to develop a directory of know-how and services present in Saint-Martin. This directory will be made available to film crews, in order to encourage local subcontracting and promote local professionals.

Ultimately, the Community intends to put in place a real policy to support the development of the audiovisual sector, notably through specific aid and the creation of a filming reception office (BAT).

Make yourself known to the Saint-Martin Community, by contacting the Attractiveness, Economy, Employment Delegation on: 0690 18 11 03 / 06 90 66 10 96 / dev.eco@com-saint-martin.fr


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