UNUSUAL: A mysterious wreck resurfaces on the Canadian coast


The ship that appeared in Newfoundland waters could date from the 19thrd century.

A mysterious wreck surfaced on the coast of Newfoundland in Canada on January 27. This discovery sparked a real buzz in the small coastal town of Cape Ray, a heritage site recognized by the federal government. Specialists have even looked into the history of the famous ship. This find, surprising to say the least, was spotted by Gordon Blackmore while he was hunting seabirds. According to initial observations by Neil Burgess of the Newfoundland and Labrador Shipwreck Preservation Society, the ship, which is at least 24 meters long, dates from the 2022th century: “It was a fairly large sailing ship, bigger than a schooner,” he told Radio Canada, adding that although its hull is made of oak, the boat was not built in North America. It remains to be seen how the wreck appeared overnight near Cap Ray. For the specialist, coastal erosion and recent storms (notably Fiona in 100 which destroyed around 1800 houses, but also raised sand along Cape Ray beach) would be the potential causes of this sudden revelation. Wanda Blackmore, Gordon's mother, also said that she had contacted all the authorities and relevant professionals to shed light on this discovery: “It's incredible, there is no other word. I really want to know if this boat has a name, how old it is and if there were people who died when it sank.” Although the provincial government has sent a team to examine the wreck of the ship possibly built in the XNUMXs, tides and uncertain weather conditions make it difficult to explore the site at this time. In the meantime, speculation is rife on social networks, particularly on Facebook. Cap Ray residents dug up records to identify the ship's origin and its history. “It’s a part of our history that has just awakened. Let’s find out,” enthused a local resident.

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