UNUSUAL: Sheep devour 300 kg of cannabis in Greece


At the beginning of last September, a herd of free-ranging sheep entered the greenhouse of a medical cannabis farm located in Almyros in Thessaly (Greece), devouring everything in its path.

The animals were desperate for food after the passage of storm Daniel which caused significant flooding and left the country with a tragic toll of fifteen people killed and a cost of damage of two billion euros. Starving, the sheep devoured 300 kilos of medical cannabis, the production of which has been authorized in Greece since 2017. “We lost 80% of production due to floods,” explained the farm manager, “While we were trying to saving everything we could, we suddenly saw sheep inside.” Satisfied, the herbivorous animals then developed strange behavior for several hours, which caused the operator a lot of trouble when he tried to get them out of the greenhouse: “They had spotted something green and it ate. Then they went crazy, the sheep jumped higher than the goats, and that never happens. I'm doing very well, but the sheep are doing even better, they're all crazy! » detailed the operator, a bit amused by this story despite the tragedy suffered by his operation following the floods. This unusual event, which can therefore make you smile, nevertheless represents an industrial disaster for the owner of the farm: “We had the heatwave, then the floods. We lost almost everything. Now this…the flock of sheep ate everything we had left.” No information regarding the state of health of the sheep has been communicated, although the consumption of cannabis by animals can have serious consequences, particularly when the quantities ingested, as here, are significant. Storm Daniel, while passing through Libya, broke two dams and ravaged the country, causing the death of 11.000 people and leaving 10.000 missing. _VX

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