GENDARMERIE / Road checks in Rambaud: several violations noted, three vehicles seized


At the request of the delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, Vincent Berton, a road safety operation was carried out by the gendarmes last Tuesday in the Rambaud sector. Numerous traffic violations were observed.

As expected, a large gendarmerie system was deployed last Tuesday at Rambaud. This major road safety operation aimed to guarantee the safety of all road users.

For two hours (from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.), a fixed checkpoint was set up by the gendarmes, all vehicles being subject to a systematic check of road safety standards. Many violations were noted.

First, a report was drawn up to a scooter driver for lack of driver's license, insurance and possession of narcotics, the two-wheeler was seized.

In addition, three offenses for not wearing a seat belt, one for not wearing a helmet, one for a salient angle (object protruding from the vehicle likely to injure another road user, pedestrian or cyclist in particular), two for default number plates were noted, all offenders were fined.


Road Prevention : 1300 flyers distributed

Two other motorists were taken by the patrol, one for lack of technical control and the second for smooth tires. The vehicles were seized by police.

Also among the violations observed, many over-tinting of the windows were removed by the police. “They are indeed a danger in terms of visualization. In addition, they incite traffic crime and do not comply with the highway code with regard to article R316-1", emphasizes Lieutenant-Colonel Maxime Wintzer-Wehekind.

Finally, nearly 1300 flyers recalling the main causes of bodily injury and material accidents on the island were distributed to motorists and two-wheeler drivers. “The objective was not to make numbers, but for all road users to become aware of the bad habits they have taken and remedy them,” concludes the commander of the Saint-Martin/Saint-Barthélemy company. _AF

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