Gendarmerie: Watch out for compensation scams!


The hurricane episode of the second half of 2017 generated many unscrupulous ideas among unscrupulous people, particularly on the subject of compensation measures.

Recent examples:

- An individual calls you pretending to be an insurance or government agency and announces the payment of a large sum of money as part of the compensation.

This call has only one goal: to recover your bank details or your credit card data.

- Recently, hotel establishments have received telephone calls from 0977558471 (machine) presenting itself as an official body requesting payment for a declaration not made on the employment of disabled people in a company.

In fact, since October 2017, establishments open to the public (ERP) must be accessible to people with disabilities. Those who cannot fulfill these accessibility rules must register for the Scheduled Accessibility Agenda. Thus the scammers take advantage of this measure to try to extort the sum of 45 euros for entry in this register. However if this rule is mandatory, it is completely free.


What to do when you are faced with these kinds of calls: 

- NEVER give your bank details whether by phone or email!

Whether by email or telephone, the various government agencies such as taxes, social organizations such as CAF, banks, etc. never pass by an email to ask their customers to enter their personal information.

- A suspicious phone call: a doubt about the caller? 

Consult the reverse directory of value-added service numbers (VAS)!

Indeed, the site allows you to find out about the rate applicable in the event of a call. It also provides information on the company using the number and the nature of the service provided. If you identify an unfair practice, you can also report it directly on the directory.

- Report abusive numbers to 33700

When you receive an unsolicited message call or connect to and follow the procedure. Thanks to this report, operators will take action with the companies concerned. If practices are contrary to the ethics of the sector, operators may discontinue the use of these premium rate numbers.

You can find these recommendations on the DGCCRF website:

In general, be vigilant and use common sense.

(Source Gendarmerie)

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