VOCATIONAL TRAINING: A new meeting between the institutions and socio-professionals of Saint-Martin scheduled for February 10


On January 19, the Department of Economy, Enterprise, Labor and Solidarity (DEETS) coordinated the first meeting in 2023 between the socio-professionals of Saint-Martin and the various institutions: the Prefecture, the Collectivity, Employment Center and AKTO.

This first step aimed to anticipate the recruitment needs of employers in different professions. It also sheds light on the potential imbalances between these recruitment needs and the training offer on the territory.

The second stage will be held on Friday February 10 at the Grand Case Beach Club Hotel in the presence of training centers in order to meet the training needs of socio-professionals.

The following five professional fields will be on the agenda: construction, digital, blue economy, medical and tourism.

This collaborative work will be relayed throughout 2023 by the Public Employment Service (SPE), the steering and coordination body of the State, the Community, Pôle Emploi and AKTO in order to implement employment policy in the most suitable way. Even if the latter obeys national rules and directives, it is indeed coordinated locally to meet the needs of the territories and their economic realities.

The Saint-Martin PES will bring together, by professional field, the various public and private players responsible for implementing employment and vocational training policy.

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