FOOTBALL: The Junior Stars U13 team still under the spell of their stay at Marie-Galante!


From October 26 to 30, Junior Stars footballers participated in the major U14 tournament organized on the island of Marie-Galante. A beautiful moment of sport which will remain engraved in the memories for the young people of Saint-Martin who have the chance to meet players from the French Legends Team throughout their stay.

The representatives of Saint-Martin football arrived in Guadeloupe last Thursday 26 then took the boat to join  Capesterre-de-Marie-Galante where the grand opening ceremony took place. The latter took place in the presence of many former French internationals including Sidney Govou, Didier Six, Franck Sylvestre, Michaël Ciani, Laurent Robert, Jean-Luc Ettori and many others…

A draw to determine the sponsor of each delegation was carried out on the sidelines of the opening ceremony. This is how Steve Savidan, former top scorer in Ligue 1, joined the ranks of Junior Stars for the duration of the competition.

As soon as he entered the tournament, Samuel Buret's teammates lost one to zero against one of the big favorites of the tournament, Solidarité Scolaire then three zero against the Racing Club de Basterre, a selection bringing together the best players of Basse-Terre.

Despite two consecutive losses, Junior Stars recovered well by winning two to zero against Stade Lamentinois and one to zero at the expense of the U14 women's selection.

For the match counting for 5th place, Junior Stars again beat Stade Lamentinois one to zero.

After properly celebrating this great performance, the Junior Stars delegation attended the gala match pitting the French Legends Team against a selection from Marie-Galante. A beautiful moment of football which appealed to young people but also to older ones who were delighted to see the big names of French football from the 80s and 90s back on the pitch.

Before leaving for Saint-Martin, with eyes full of stars, the Junior Stars players visited the island in the presence of former great professional players who kindly took part in autographs and photo sessions. A great memory for our young Saint-Martin residents.

The players and managers of Junior Stars would like to thank their sponsors without whom this great sporting adventure would not have been possible. Thanks to them: Rancho del sol, Gorlier travail, Jhonny wood work, DG Distribution

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