WOMEN'S FOOTBALL: A final friendly tournament to end the season!


Before taking a well deserved vacation, the United Stars Association organized, last Saturday, a 100% women's football day, in the presence of forty players from the clubs of FC Attackers and United Stars, the team of Risc Tackers unable to make the move.

The “der” of the 2016-2017 season started with pleasant meetings to follow between the young budding footballers of the U 9 and U 11 categories.

In the process, a tournament (4 × 4) was organized in the presence of the more confirmed players of FC Attackers and United Stars before these same two clubs meet to play a friendly match placed under the sign of fair play and conviviality!

After the effort, comfort! All the players were invited to share a hearty snack offered by the United Stars Association.

One thing is certain, women's football in Saint Martin has a bright future ahead of it.

See you at the start of the school year! _AF

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