SPORTS FESTIVAL: Total success in Saint-Martin: more than 500 children are introduced to sports!


As part of the National Sports Day, more than 500 children from different districts of the island participated, last Saturday, in the Sports Hall of the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium, in the event organized jointly by the USEP of Northern Islands and Avenir Sportif Club de St-Martin.

It was after the award of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris that the idea of ​​a Sports Festival was born.

This large gathering, which aims to unite all French people around the benefits of sports practice, is above all intended to be a major popular and national celebration. In Saint-Martin, many demonstrations took place throughout the weekend, including “the USEP en Fête” which was a real and clear popular success! Children aged 4 to 12 were able to try out new practices, discover sports or even attend exhibitions. All this thanks to the presence of partner clubs and associations of the event: ABC Intersport (boxing), football clubs, archery, the Basketball League, USEP workshops, L'Avenir Sportif Club de Saint- Martin (“Open Day” for Athletics and presentation of Baby Athlé for 4-6 year olds), initiation to yoga, “Head and Legs” and the “Saint-Martin Santé Diabète-Obesité-Hypertension” stand. Health professionals took the opportunity to recall that breakfast is the most important meal of the day: “when taken correctly, it should provide the body with a quarter of the energy requirements it will need during the day. of the day ". Yes children, breakfast helps supply the muscles and the brain with energy: it provides the body with the nutrients it needs to carry out its daily tasks, whether mental or physical. In short, to be 1st in your class and good at sports, don't forget to have breakfast!

At the end of the event, Andy Armongon, president of the USEP and Patrick Trival, president of the Avenir Sportif Club de Saint-Martin thanked the Collectivity of Saint-Martin and all the partners who worked for success of this day under the sign of SPORT! _AF


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