And the paddle has arrived in Saint-Martin


The paddle, this kind of surfboard coming from Hawaii and on which one stands, is supposed to advance thanks to oars. Neither breath nor wave. Smooth water. The symbol of serenity. However, it is thanks to the furious winds of the hurricane of October 2014 that we can paddle in Saint-Martin.

Twin wine merchants woke up one morning, fresh from metropolitan France shortly after Gonzalo. The island was devastated and in the branches of a tree in the garden had landed a paddle board. The two girls decided to see it as a sign of fate and changed plans. They have set up a paddle fitness activity and give lessons on the shores of Grand-Case. A great way to enhance the energy and originality of Saint-Martin by doing a fairly intense sport: the micro vibrations of the waves unbalance and thus force the muscles to strengthen and work more than during a session. bodybuilding on the ground. Fitness on paddle also allows you to work on your mind to keep balance and stay focused. Finally, the setting is magnificent and the course schedules, fairly early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon, make it possible to witness the jumps of rays or the fishing of birds that dive on fish. For more info, visit the Facebook page: fitboard. _HM

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