ENVIRONMENT: The Conservatoire du littoral draws up its 2022 report


Environmental management is at the heart of the priorities of State and Community officials. On Wednesday April 26, 2023, a press conference was held at the prefecture to take stock of the situation in Saint-Martin in terms of land, development and management.

In the presence of Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, Bernadette Davis, 2nd vice-president of the Collectivité, Pierre Aliotti, president of the management of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve and Anne-Marie Bouillé, head of the Coastal Conservatory as well as representations from the Department of the Sea and the Department of the Environment, Planning and Housing (DEAL), this meeting aimed to recall the functioning of environmental management in the territory. Three players are involved in this area, the Conservatoire du littoral which plays the main role of owner, the Nature Reserve and the Collectivity which are the managers.

With two objectives of renaturation and accessibility to the public, the prefect wanted to enhance the actions of the Conservatoire du littoral through the acquisition, development and enhancement of land to improve biodiversity. In 2023, 434 hectares are now preserved (compared to 407 in 2020) for 18 sites, 40% of which have been developed for the reception of the public. Since 2022, 426ha have been preserved, including 43ha of acquired land with 14 coastal ponds, 6 islets and a diversity of ecosystems. That same year, €457.000 were invested in the development of the sites with 29 road signs on the sites of Pinel, Grand Ilet and Pointe du Bluff and the inauguration of the Grandes Cayes trail. €500.000 will be allocated in 2023 to develop five new sites: Étang de Chevrise, Étang de la Barrière, Eastern Point/Grandes Cayes, Grand Ilet and Le Galion, the expropriation of the latter of which began in March 2007. The 2023 outlook for land will be oriented towards Babit Point. For management, focus on Galion, Grand Ilet and Orient Bay. _VX

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