LOCAL LIFE: About forty people are discovering care and support professions


Last Thursday, April 27, Pôle Emploi brilliantly launched the action "the village of care and support professions" in Quartier d'Orléans.

After a brief presentation of the day by Nathalie Rubini, director of Pôle Emploi, the information and awareness day organized as part of the care and support professions week began with the intervention of Alouska Lake , a freelance nurse, on the importance of care professionals in the area, followed by the soft exercise workshop and discovery of medical equipment given by psychomotrician Ananda Arnell of Innovation Médicale Caraïbes, there were then about twenty curious people for around 97 throughout the open day. The interest in these care and support professions is therefore palpable in view of the forty people who took part in the Pôle Emploi action in total, focusing on the nine stands: Cloud XNUMX, Saint Martin Santé, the Red Cross, the Trades Academy, Casedom IDN, YPS Formation, the Local Mission, the CCISM and of course, that of Pôle emploi. The various actors followed one another to describe to the public the professions of childcare, life assistant, specialized educator or even mediator, while guiding those interested in obtaining a profession in the field of care and support through the validation of acquired skills or periods of work experience (PMSMP). For Nathalie Rubini, satisfaction reigns within the team and all the partners after this day of discovery of care and support professions in Quartier d'Orléans: "even if we would have liked to reach even more world, it was important for us to do it in a priority neighbourhood". _VX

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