Company: 26 exhibitors, 452 visitors, the 2nd edition of CCISM SPOTLIGHT was a resounding success!


The second edition of CCISM SPOTLIGHT took place last Saturday at the premises of the Maison des Entreprises.  

Twenty-six companies from the catering, wellness, textile and audiovisual sectors attended. For this second edition the fundamentals remain, namely the highlighting  of products, services and talents from the territory with some new features such as the raffle which generated €820 for the benefit of the CCISM business incubator project, the art exhibition led by Kaël Fazer and Claudio Arnell and the concert fence in the gardens of the Maison des Entreprises.  

CCISM SPOTLIGHT was designed following several events that led to economic slowdowns, so as part of its business support missions and contribution to the revitalization of the territory that the CCISM decided to make it a annual event. 

Art being an integral part of the event this year with a participatory fresco led by Claudio Arnell and Kaël Fazer as well as an art exhibition bringing together several painters and visual artists. 

With this addition, the CCISM wishes to mark the beginning of the work aimed at formalizing the status of artist in the territory. 

“We regularly receive artists at the CFE, the difficulty that arises is to identify the right center for formalities for their registration. We are currently in contact with the headquarters of the Maison des Artistes in order to support our artists and offer them a lasting solution. », stresses Luciana Raspail, Administrative and Business Support Manager.

"CCISM SPOTLIGHT is above all a great promotional tool for the new company", explains Stéphanie Gombs, in charge of the CCISM Spotlight project. “It makes it possible to assess the consistency between supply and demand. This year, some companies took the gamble of launching new products, others marketed offers available only at the show. The feedback is very positive and we are already thinking about the third and fourth edition”. 

"During the preparatory meetings in the presence of the exhibitors, we often heard "I created my brand", "I sell my products", or even "I bring in raw materials that I transform", "I make drinks" , etc… In the entrepreneurial adventure of Saint-Martin, it is fundamental that what entrepreneurs invent and create belong to them, and that their ideas are protected” emphasizes Julien Bataille, General Manager of the CCISM. This is why we are very quickly going to deploy a series of services and actions directly targeting intellectual and industrial protection in order, of course, to protect, but also to arm our companies when they go to conquer markets larger than Saint -Martin, nationally or internationally. It will be for example an increased visibility of the INPI, itself favored by the evolution of the hosting of consular files, we will have the opportunity to talk about it again”.

"SPOTLIGHT is the proof that the entrepreneurial dynamic exists, public action must be the fuel, companies must be the first beneficiaries", notes Angèle Dormoy, President of the CCISM. “All our efforts must be directed towards this goal and the CCISM can count on its vital forces, its elected officials and its staff. So you can count on us”.

The CCISM would like to thank all the exhibitors, visitors and partner companies who contributed to the success of this second edition:

O top vegetables / T-ABY Créa / The Taste of Wine / Soualigan Slangs / Perspixace / 978 Sanctorum Lounge / Heritage Kitchen / Oualichi Cosmetics / Bulles & Beautés / Beauty Lounge / Montresor Formations / Office Supplies SXM / St Martin Voyages / Nelson Media Cartoon / Diane Multi Services / ChokoKanel Création / Hadharah / Lipstick

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