"Ensemble 2017" with Christophe Beaupère and Anne Karine Fleming


The legislative elections will take place on June 10 and 17, 2017 overseas. After the victory of François Fillon in the primary of the right and the center, the editors were informed of the candidacies for the deputation of Christophe Beaupère and Anne Karine Fleming for the Northern Islands under the slogan “Together 2017”. “After the broad victory of our candidate, François Fillon, (…) it is essential to continue the mobilization in order to secure his victory in the presidential election and thus turn the page on socialism, which our compatriots have clearly called for. , in particular by voting at 75% for François Fillon in Saint-Martin and almost 85% in Saint-Barthélemy ”, they declared. Letters addressed to the inhabitants of Saint-Barth and Saint-Martin are available on the following site: www.ensemble2017.fr. _EH

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