Energy: EDF produces as much electricity in one year as Gebe in six months ...


In 2017, annual electricity production in the French part was 170 MWh, which is 000 MWh less than in 31 (-000%). This drop is due to the passage of Irma which strongly impacted the networks and equipment as well as the closure of meters. In 2016, production amounted to 17,9 MWh.

In 2017, EDF had 16 customers (individuals and professionals) compared to 800 the previous year. Compared to 17, it is 675 fewer subscribers.

Reported to the customer, annual production was 10 Wh in 120. Two years earlier, it was 2017 Wh per customer. For information, the average consumption of a household of 11 people living in a house of square meters in mainland France with electric heating is 315 kWh.

In Saint-Martin only 1% of the electricity produced comes from solar energy. EDF's desire is to encourage the development of renewable energies and reach a rate of 22% in 2023.

To achieve this, the group wishes to build two solar power plants at Oyster Pond.

By way of comparison, the annual production for 2017 is equivalent to consumption over a six-month period in Sint Maarten. Over the first six months of 2017, Gebe's electricity consumption stood at 165 MWH and at 057 MWH from January to June 167. This very significant difference is partly explained by very strong consumption of hotels on the Dutch side.



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