Territorial elections: The RSM obtained more than a quarter of the votes cast in the 1st round


With 25,39% of the votes cast and 54 votes in advance, the list led by Louis Mussington came out on top in the first round of the territorial elections. The Rassemblement Saint-Martinois (RSM) obtained 2 votes and Team Gibbs 128 (2%), according to figures published by the prefecture.

In third position comes the list led by Jules Charville, Generation Hope, with 17,48% of the votes cast (1 votes), in fourth position Avenir avec vous led by Jacques Hamlet (465% – 13,78 votes).

Two lists obtained less than 1 votes: Alternative led by Valérie Damaseau (000% – 11,14 votes) and Avenir Saint-Martin led by Yawo Nyuiadzi (934% – 7,47 votes).

To remain in the second round, the lists must achieve at least 10% of the votes cast, all have passed this threshold except   Future Saint Martin. However, since it has exceeded 5%, it can merge with another.

The second round will take place on Sunday March 27. Candidates have until Tuesday 18 p.m. to submit their list again. This can be changed, people can be replaced. Sunday evening, Louis Mussington said he was "open to dialogue".


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