ECONOMY: Still nearly €4 million less TGCA collected this year


Since March, revenue from the general turnover tax (TGCA) has been lower every month than last year; the health crisis having repercussions on the local economy.

This trend is still confirmed in September with 1,87 million euros collected against 2,04 million in September 2019, or 165 euros less this year. However, the gap is narrowing, the level of receipts is 100% lower, whereas in June or August it was a quarter lower, almost a third in July and half in May. Compared to September 8, these are.

Despite this progress since deconfinement, the shortfall over the year continues to widen: in August TGCA's revenues since January were 4,1 million euros lower, in September they were 4,27 million lower. euros.

The TGCA represents about a quarter of the tax revenues of the COM. At the end of September, these amounted to 63,69 million euros, which is 13,28 million euros less than in 2019 during the same period. (

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