Economy: Public aid scheme for the renewal of the fishing fleet of Saint-Martin


In November 2018, as part of a global "blue economy" strategy, Europe authorized funding for the renewal of boats of all sizes for the outermost regions only with the following maximum aid intensities: less than 12 meters: up to 60%, between 12 and 24 meters: up to 50%, more than 24 meters: up to 25%

On the basis of an orientation report on the renewal of fishing fleets produced at the request of the State by the General Council for Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas and the General Inspection of Business Maritime, a draft plan for the development of the Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin fishing fleet has been drawn up by the Direction de la Mer. It turns out that fishing for vessels based in Saint-Martin, although poorly documented, is comparable in the techniques used with that practiced in Guadeloupe: it is an artisanal and multi-specific fishing. Significant informal fishing is also carried out by around 200 other vessels. If no catch declaration exists, the total catch is estimated at 2 tonnes for a turnover of € 20 million. Today, around fifteen vessels are registered in the fleet file, of "Saintoise" types in Saint-Martin. These are on average 8-year-old boats, with a length of 4m and 115 tonnage barrels and powered by XNUMXhp outboards.

The local fleet having been damaged by Irma and the community wishing to allow the fishermen to be able to modernize their boat, it is advisable to define the framework of the device of assistance to the renewal of the fishing fleet in Saint-Martin shared between the Collectivity and the State, with a duration of 7 years. Taking into account European regulations (n ​​° 2018 / C 422/01) and with regard to the Saint-Martin fleet whose vessels do not exceed 10 meters, the public aid system will be exclusively reserved for vessels of less than 12m and will be capped at 60% of the total eligible costs. The cost of a typical vessel has been estimated at € 300, so that the fleet of 000 listed vessels will be able to benefit from € 14 million in assistance over 2,52 years, or € 7 to be distributed over one year for the 360 fishing patterns.

The Executive Council voted on the decision fixing the participation of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin at 30% of the total eligible costs, ie 50% of the maximum authorized subsidy rate. The budgetary cost of this device will therefore be € 180 per year on average, for 000 years. The necessary appropriations have been entered in the 7 budget.


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