Cyclone Gonzalo and floods: details of compensation


The interministerial committee of the relief fund issued its decision at the beginning of the month in respect of compensation for the damage from cyclone Gonzalo and the floods in November 2014. The Minister of Overseas Georges Pau-Langevin allocated € 1,280 million aid to disaster victims, announced the prefecture.

The Collective will benefit from € 1,186 million for damage to public equipment and the National Society for Sea Rescue of Saint Martin (SNSM) will receive nearly € 14.000 to repair its shuttle “Notre Dame de la Garoupe”, currently in mainland France. Almost 80.000 € will be paid to individuals, family and artisanal businesses, farms and artisanal fishing businesses. “Only the files falling within the eligibility criteria defined by the circular of July 11, 2012 were retained. The compensation relates more particularly to uninsured basic movable goods, uninsured production equipment and tools, "said the prefecture, adding that the amount of aid for each beneficiary will be announced soon.

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