LOCAL CREATION // Valentine's Day gift idea: the “Heart” pouches from Chokokanel


Behind the young and promising brand, discover Elsa.

An architect and graphic designer by training, Elsa really blossomed when she started sewing in 2017. Stitched from the first stitches, initiation quickly turned into passion, to the point that Elsa started to dream of being able to live on it. The dream came true in September 2020, Chokokanel was born. Chokokanel's trademark is the mix of materials while highlighting its main: the African wax fabric and its bright colors. The choice of suede fabrics makes it possible to soften the colors of the wax which can sometimes be too impressive.

The real leather is here replaced by vegan cork leathers for the ethical side. All tastes are in nature and Chokokanel understood this well. No need to say that everything is handmade. Each model is unique, each piece has a specific name. Self-taught to the end of the line, Elsa is inspired by what surrounds her. She does not hesitate to launch new challenges if she sees a bag that pleases her, even if it means having to learn a new sewing technique, nothing stops her.

She recently tried to make pouches with gel, glitter water. His latest collection is timely. As Valentine's Day approaches, Chokokanel offers a range of heart-shaped pouches. Practical, original and local. That the pretext of Valentine's Day does not stop single people, on any occasion, it is always strongly recommended to give yourself a gift. The prices of Chokokanel creations vary between 25 and 120 €, the price varies according to the complexity of the model to be made. Count around forty euros for a cork leather pouch in the shape of a heart.

For any order, contact Elsa aka Chokokanel via her Facebook page or  Instagram. The models are customizable (choice of fabric, leather, imitation leather, dimensions, etc.) and Elsa accepts all challenges! _VX

facebook: ChokoKanel Creation

 Instagram: @ chokokanel.creation

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