Covid-19: Extension of free tests in Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy until December 31, 2021


Free tests had been extended until December 6, 2021, beyond the end of the state of health emergency in our territories, in order to allow the establishment of a new methodology for monitoring the epidemic. in particular by integrating the seroprevalence study conducted by Santé Publique France.

As this study has not yet been completed and the drop in the number of tests linked to the social crisis, it is not possible to validate the new epidemic monitoring methodology.

In addition, a clear relaxation of barrier gestures was observed in the context of the social crisis. It is not excluded that this will generate an epidemic rebound in the next two weeks.

Finally, the checks on the vaccination obligation and the phase of dialogue with health professionals to end on December 31, the two dates have been made consistent.


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