Covid-19: Where and how to use the antigen test in Saint-Martin


The PCR test is no longer the only way to detect covid-19, it is possible to have recourse to the antigen test. It also consists of a nasal sample with a swab but its result is much faster than that of the PCR since it is available in about twenty minutes.

In Saint-Martin, antigenic tests are offered in a drive to Friar's Bay to people who have to travel. They are also, since the publication of an order on October 17, practiced by the liberal doctors as well as in certain pharmacy, on the condition that the people are trained. In pharmacies, antigenic tests are intended for the general public. "Their deployment is for diagnostic purposes, it is a first approach to collectively detect and assess the circulation of the virus", specifies the director general of the regional health agency of Guadeloupe, Valérie Denux, which insists on the limit of this test. “It's less sensitive than PCR, so it's not recommended for people over 65 to do so. In addition, people who have been in contact with a positive case must not do an antigen test, they must undergo a PCR test, ”she adds.

Whether in a doctor's office or in a pharmacy, the person who wishes to take the test must complete a form. All the answers and information are entered by the pharmacist or the doctor, in the national system known as SI-DEP (DEPistage Information System). The test result is also entered into the system. In the event of a positive result, the patient must isolate himself and contact his attending physician.

The antigen test is covered 100% by health insurance on the condition that the person presents his Vitale card.


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