Race between the gendarmes and two suspicious vehicles: one of the drivers arrested at the border crossing by the Dutch police


On the night of Thursday, November 18, a device to fight vehicle theft was put in place by the gendarmerie.

At around 03:30 am, the gendarmes detected suspicious behavior concerning two vehicles which turned around in the sight of the soldiers. A chase is then engaged, the vehicles not submitting to the orders of the gendarmes and preventing, by dangerous maneuvers, the gendarmerie vehicles from overtaking them. One of the vehicles shows obvious signs of tampering. Seeing that the suspicious vehicles were heading for Sint Maarten, the information was immediately transmitted to the KPSM (Dutch police) to arrest them. After crossing the border, still pursued by the gendarmerie, the two opposing vehicles left the road, allowing the Dutch police to arrest one of the perpetrators.

It appears from initial findings that the vehicles were reported stolen. _AF

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