Readers' letter: A Saint-Martin resident calls out to the Minister of Overseas Territories


The social and economic situation of a territory that I love means that today I decide to share my thoughts with you while alerting the Minister in charge of Overseas, Sébastien Lecornu.

“Mr. Sébastien Lecornu, the social situation linked to the closure of the border between Saint Martin and Sint Maarten as well as the prohibition of schoolchildren on the French side from re-entering the school year, are causing more and more hostilities vis-à-vis these restrictions.

Mr Minister, it seems important to me to act. The gendarmes posted at the borders are on the teeth. They are the victims of abuse by motorists who lose patience because they are stranded for nearly 45 minutes at rush hour where traffic is normally fluid.

Mr Minister, think of the economy of this island which without any reaction from you to reason with the decision maker, will sink without ever being able to get up.

Mr Minister, on Friday September 4 at 18 p.m., a press release was published by the competent authority in charge of border management in order to contradict the alarming social diagnosis revealed by general practitioners on the island.

Mr Minister, this press release calls into question the professional capacities of the doctors involved in the life of the island for decades.  They showed their professionalism and their attachment to the people of Saint-Martin, 3 years ago, by going for free treatment in the street, after the worst climate disaster hit a French territory. Some have even been decorated.

Minister, it is time to look towards this land before it is too late.

Mr Minister, the population is tired by 3 years of repeated crises.

Mr Minister, the greatest misfortune would be that Saint Martin would not disappear forever for lack of tourists ... And medical personnel ...

A citizen of Saint-Martin


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