SPOTLIGHT: David Rioual, the rising hope of boxing on the road to Dominica!


Promised to a bright future in the noble art, David Rioual, licensed to the International Boxing Association (IBA) in the club of Sint Maarten National Boxing Federation (SMNBF) is engaged this week in a tournament organized in Dominica, bringing together the best boxers Caribbean lovers. With the firm intention of confirming its current good intentions.

For more than a month, David Rioual has been preparing meticulously with his staff for this important deadline for the continuation of his promising young career. “With my coach-preparer Mr. Coffie, alias Cuchy, we put all the assets on our side to achieve a good performance in Dominica. We worked a lot on tactics, power and endurance. From now on, I am ready to get into the ring and show all my pugilistic qualities, ”underlines David Rioual, a native of Saint-Martin and aged 15. Engaged in the super-lightweight (63kg), David is more motivated than ever to continue his ascent in his category. Victorious in his first fight in Nantes, he now aims to chain victories to open up new prospects in his young career. Our young local boxing hopeful would like to thank the president of the Sint Maarten National Boxing Federation, Mr. Shawn, his coach, Cuchy, Claudy and all the other people in the club who give him their support. Without forgetting his number 1 supporter: his dad! _AF

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