CONSTRUCTION: Several overseas territories including St Martin will be able to waive the “CE” marking


The European Parliament has just adopted in 1st reading by a very strong majority the draft revised regulation relating to construction products. The French authorities have obtained the inclusion in this text of an exemption for our overseas territories.

Thus, it will allow Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion and Saint-Martin, to implement an alternative solution to the “CE” marking, to facilitate the importation of construction products from countries in their geographical environment.

Announced last July during the Interministerial Committee for Overseas Territories, this adaptation of European Union law to overseas specificities, particularly due to the distance from France, was strongly awaited by overseas stakeholders, and in particular the economic and construction world.

Obtained thanks to the mobilization of the French authorities, this exemption will notably allow stakeholders to cope with the increase in freight prices and the supply of construction materials, thanks to an exceptional regime. The latter will be developed during the year 2024 and will allow our territories to import construction products from third countries in their geographical area and therefore to have products adapted to local characteristics, competitive and faster to transport.

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