FAXINFO photo competition: Beautiful artistic creations and a handsome winner: Grégory Rohard!


The photo competition organized by Faxinfo on the theme "The next day of Irma & the Renewal" had its epilogue last Saturday, at Nocoart Studio, in Terres-Basses, with the designation of the lucky winner, Grégory Rohard.

Under the watchful eye of Roberta Ceccarelli, the jury selected the 20 most beautiful photos sent by our readers. The technical side and the originality of each photo were particularly scrutinized. We can already congratulate all the amateur or confirmed participants who immortalized the extreme violence of the cyclone during the hours and days following the passage of Irma. Each photographer, through his photos, was able to express his sensitivity.

Some are real visual shocks that reveal the fury of the hurricane and the elements. Other images are full of hope and optimism.

After deliberation, the jury chose Grégory Rohard as the winner, for his image captured on a background of total chaos and at the same time of renewal with “Mother Nature” which takes back its rights… The winner, surrounded by Roberta, Alain and Fabienne saw the delivery of a photo quality inkjet printer offered by Normedia, an authorized Canon distributor in Saint-Martin.

If the photo of G. Rohard won the votes of the jury, it is also necessary to compliment all the participants: Mathieu Alexandre, Claudio Arnell, Eric Bourdettes, Marie-Pierre Crespo, Ice and Nanou Grandin, Pascal Guillaume, Vincent Haegaert, Sandrine Leroux, Mouna Nouda, Thomas Proust, Grégory Rohard, Didier Rouxel and Christenor Sanon.

Roberta and Alain succeeded each other at the microphone for the animation of this magnificent day. They took the opportunity to congratulate the work done by the Discover team for its special issue "Irma". For the record, the images were captured during the hours and days following Irma's passage by photographers who live in Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten (a nod to Thomas Proust).

This day was also an opportunity and especially to admire the many paintings exhibited in the Nocoart Studio gallery by the two artists-painters, Norma and Corinna Trimborn. Thank you for their warm welcome!

The evening ended around the glass of friendship with the presence of an original musical trio, Julien, Serge, Marco (ex drummer of Gaz Nevada in Italy) and the surprise arrival of the singer Nilce, back to Saint Martin with a samba air. Finally Jan Beaujon, a neighbor, joined the group for a guitar recital… _AF

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