LOCAL TRADE: Baby n'KIDS is (almost) ready for Christmas


The Christmas frenzy is fast approaching, and to enjoy the magic of the end of the year holidays without stress, Bébé n'KIDS would like to reassure its customers about the availability of products from its toy catalog.

Since October 16, the prices appearing in the catalog of Bébé n'KIDS toys, available at Bellevue, have been effective… and the shelves of the store are largely stocked. Despite the particular situation linked to the health crisis which has impacted numerous restockings on the island, many goods have arrived and are already presented for purchase at Bébé n'KIDS. If the store usually receives everything en masse, this year will be different in the sense that the arrivals will be more spread out, and this, until the end of November for the suppliers who have the most delays. But a significant part of the toys offered in the catalog is already on the shelves. 

There is therefore no reason to hang around to start your Christmas shopping, especially if you want to be sure that you have the toys selected by your children. Especially since once the stock is exhausted, it will not be restocked. All orders made with the various suppliers of Bébé n'KIDS have been placed and confirmed, some goods may leave later than usual but deliveries are guaranteed. The employees of Bébé n'KIDS are working tirelessly to stock the shelves so that everyone can find the toy that will brighten up children's Christmas morning. So do not wait until the last moment, most of the toys in the catalog are in store, including for major brands such as Mattel, Hasbro, Lego, Playmobil, VTech, etc ... Stéphanie and her team are at your disposal for any question concerning a product or a toy. Something to reassure yourself to celebrate Christmas in peace. _VX

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