How did Donald Trump become the owner of a property in Saint Martin?


In 2013, Donald Trump acquired the Château des Palmiers located on the beach of Plum Bay for the sum of some $ 17 million. He purchased it through two companies, Excel Venture I LLC and Excel Venture Corporation. The former is 99% owned by himself and 1% by the second company, 100% of which is owned by Donald Trump. The two entities are registered in Delaware in the United States (a state known for tax exemptions) but domiciled in New York, on Ve Avenue.

Donald Trump does not occupy the villa personally; it is rented to tourists.

We questioned the local authority's tax services to find out whether Excel Venture I LLC was paying taxes in Saint-Martin. According to the “Doing Business” booklet, the foreign company must in fact pay the corporation tax (IS), the property tax, the license fee, the contribution of licenses. It must also collect and remit the tourist tax. The COM services did not wish to respond. "The rules applicable in France, namely that this information is covered by tax secrecy, means that the community - assuming that it has this information - can in no case transmit it to the press", we told -it been said. (More details on


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