School campus: two accidents due to lack of space


The Parents Enfants Professeurs collective, which organized a press conference on Friday 23 November, regrets the new deadline for installing mobile classes. All the more so since it is urgent to remove the prefabs, installed temporarily while waiting for mobile classes, in the college courtyard which has become much too small since it welcomes the students of Soualiga college.

Last week, two accidents occurred in this same yard. In the same day, following a stampede due to overcrowding, a child broke his arm, and another broke his teeth. “My daughter was in the playground around 11:40 am after the meal. She was jostled by a student who was running normally like in a schoolyard and had a broken arm. She was evacuated to Guadeloupe and remained hospitalized for three days. I consider that the reception conditions put children at risk because there is not enough space. There are 1500 for a school city planned to accommodate 900, and in which we added the prefabricated ”explains this mother who complained against the establishment for endangering the lives of others.

In addition to accidents, there has been an increase in fights in recent times, which is why the gendarmerie now monitors the exit from the establishment. “The problem is that many students who finish their day at noon do not come home and stay there all afternoon. There are fifty to eighty who can hang around the college hanging out, ”says an education assistant.

The collective considers that the noise of the works, although necessary for the construction sites to progress, that of the buses which park with the engine on in front of the establishment, the alternation of the ringtones for the college and lycée parties ... lead to a deterioration of the school climate and therefore increased tension.

Finally, some minor work has still not been done, emphasizes the collective in a new report, fearing for the safety of the students. He plans a new mobilization and organizes by then an information and awareness meeting on November 30th in the permanence room on the high school side, intended for parents, children and teachers of all establishments combined.

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