Carbets de la BO: future operators waiting


Yellow, green or turquoise? Traders and restaurateurs are impatiently awaiting the official allocation of colored carbets from Orient Bay. 

The BO carbets project is finished, as we announced to you last Friday. With more than 80 Temporary Occupancy Authorization (AOT) requests, the Collective made its choice: 25 operators were selected during the last executive council. Persons retained and not retained will be notified by mail. After several months of work, the AW34 plot is about to revive: eight restaurants, four shops, a craft market and nautical activities. Regarding the prices of the lots, they were decided at the Executive Council meeting on November 17. The monthly rent for a restaurant is set at 2.500 euros, for a business, three rates are applied: 1500 euros for a large shop, 1000 euros for a small shop and 100 euros for a small carbet on the market. The rent for a nautical base is 600 euros.


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